This is my blog covering modern software product development and product management

My name is Wolfgang Römer and I started programming home computers at the age of 13. Later I got to know PCs and mainframe computers and finally studied physics with a specialization in electronics.

I have been working in the software industry for 25 years now and have successfully launched new products in various roles and in different companies. I was initially active as a software developer and team leader before successfully taking on coaching tasks such as Scrum Master and Agile Coach.

My very quick comprehension and my communication talent led me to work as both a product owner and a product manager. These roles are my main focus now and I work more and more exclusively on them.

My experiences are the basis for this "Agile Minds" blog, which is also offered in the form of a newsletter on LinkedIn in German.

Auf LinkedIn befindet sich mein vollständiges Profil und dort bin ich auch am meisten aktiv.

What former colleagues have to say about me

Steffen Schäffner, Scrum Master bei SeeTec/Qognify:

„Wolfgang ist einzigartig. Er ist ein hilfsbereiter Kollege, ein wertvoller Spiegel, ein offener Mensch und ein guter Freund. Was Wolfgang macht hat Hand und Fuß. Er weiß die richtigen Worte zu wählen und noch viel entscheidender: er handelt und setzt kreative Ideen in die Tat um. Er lebt Agilität, treibt Dinge voran, setzt Impulse, zögert nicht auch unbequeme Wahrheiten sichtbar zu machen bzw. auszusprechen. Er hat eine einmalige Auffassungsgabe und auch die Fähigkeit weit über den Tellerrand hinaus zu blicken.“

Dr. Christian Gosch, Software Engineer, Camera, at Apple:

„I have worked with Wolfgang for several years at Volume Graphics GmbH. I have perceived him as a very calm and friendly person who in my opinion has great skills not only in writing and debugging complex software, but also in keeping a team together and acting as a catalyst to make people feel good and welcomed at their workplace. Wolfgang has a strong ability to rate effort versus usefulness of new product features, which in my experience allows him to prioritize very well. His thoughtful way to work and act is something that is very much valued by others, including myself.“


Wolfgang Römer
Kaffee-Liebhaber, Minimalist, HiFi-Enthusiast, Software Developer, Scrum Master, Product Owner und Produktmanager